MovieGuy Gossip Writer Amanda Bodie

Does the Getty last name sound familiar to you celebrity gossip hounds? No, not the Gettysburg address, but Balthazar Getty.

Balthazar Getty is the real life son of John Paul Getty III, the teenager who was kidnapped in the 70’s and the grandson son of the oil baron John Paul Getty Senior. JPG III’s ordeal was the storyline for “All the Money in the World”.

I remember Balthazar Getty from his infamous tryst with Sienna Miller when he was married. They were splashed all over gossip magazines at the checkout counter of every grocery store in America.

Alas, this affair didn’t last very long and soon enough Balthazar was back with his wife and kids before we had time to blink. Personally, I think Sienna Miller was still heart broken by Jude Law and his own "Nanny Gate" scandal and did whatever she could to stay in the press.

Too bad that’s how I remember Getty instead of the acclaimed actor he once was.

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