Johanna Thea


Johanna Thea is a professional actress, high fashion and commercial model and author from Ireland, who is now based between London and Los Angeles. She has worked with Director Steven Spielberg as a body double on Ready Player One, Jim O'Hanlon and James Hawes on the BBC UK & America series "Undercover", is currently cast as the female lead Ewa in the indie film, and guerrilla web-series RESOLVE, and is currently in negotiations regarding a feature film (2017). Her autobiography "If Only You Knew", was published at the end of January, 2015 and is available to buy from Amazon. Currently she's drafting her sequel; "The Light Within", a more spiritual introspective on the nature and power of love, due to be released on AMAZON mid 2017. She is also working on various scripts, and constantly updates her Instagram @johannathea1 with poetry below her images. Naturally her acting career informs, and is informed by her appetite for creating drama, comedy and understanding truth. She has been performing from a young age, in school plays, poetry competitions in the Irish language, readings at mass, and performing at the University of Limerick concert hall, as well as competing with her local youth club singing Janet Jacksons "Together Again" and winning. Yet it wasn't until hitting the stage in New York in 2008 that she actually realized where she felt happiest, and in turn, which of her interests was actually her passion. Before this though, her life would take many twists and turns... Following her move from the countryside in Limerick to its' city, she was scouted by a modeling agency, and immediately signed. A professional high fashion model from the age of 16, she was offered the opportunity to go to the IMTA Awards in California, but she felt her education took precedence. She was later invited by Celia herself to the Celia Holmann Lee Agency, where she branched out to commercial shoots for the local media. Following her move to Cork, for university, she continued being a freelance catwalk model and was invited to be represented by the Profile Agency. In London she continued being a high fashion model, and also performed in a physical theater production, performing her own poetry and acting. A performance at The Bowery Poetry clubs monologue slam in New York, which received a standing ovation, made her realize where her passion lay! Upon returning to London she mapped out her time, and began looking for ways to deepen her knowledge of acting, including attending a residential course at the University of Westminster called "Film Live". She was taught to create a 30second advert, a short film, and also was the main presenter at a TV show filmed in front of a live studio audience, at the end of the course. In early 2008 she returned from an extended visit to Ireland to perform as Shakespeares secret lover in the two-hander "The Dark Lady Speaks" in theater 503, and The Courtyard Theater. She performed in numerous plays culminating with Edward Albee's "Everything in the Garden", where she played Mrs Toothe, a stoic, stern character at least 30 years her senior. She was well received and predominantly played to a full house. It was at this point, that Johanna's direction began to change though. She had been acting alongside her BSc in Psychology, and so she deferred academia to focus on her acting career, changing her focus to film and T.V. During this year she was in numerous Music Videos (DJ Shadow, Chase & Status, The Little Comets), adverts & TV (BECKS, Made in Chelsea, The Midnight Beast for Channel 4), had roles in a few features (How To Stop Being a Loser, PIGGY), and was cast in some short films (The Home, TIME). She also continued modeling for DHS Models, and co-presented a local X-Factor in her home town of Fedamore. The following year saw Johanna returning to complete her degree and over the next few years she studied and pursued her acting and modeling careers. These years saw her being the cover girl for DIVA in May 2012, doing other commercial shoots (Masato, Hannah Elizabeth, Uschi Klein), acting in features (The Long Way Down, AllStars3D), short films (Untouchable, See What I Mean?) including a Sundance entry (LIFE-TIME-LOVE) and she also doubled for Radio 1XTRA's Sarah Jane Crawford! Now a graduate with a BSc Honours degree in Psychology, Johanna Thea has returned to acting full-time. Recent works include her leading role as Ewa in the web-series RESOLVE, playing Alice (in Purgatory) in "The Gray", a film shot in LA, adverts (Vodafone, AMEX, The Guardian), an upcoming role in a feature still in pre-production, and other roles still under consideration.


Movie Name Release Date
Bohemian Rhapsody November 2, 2018