Todd Allen


Actor/writer/producer Todd Allen has appeared in close to 60 film and television productions in his career. Notably, he has costarred with Kevin Costner in three films and with Robert Duvall in The Apostle and again in Broken Trail, where Allen received excellent reviews as Territorial Marshal Bill Miller. Always unpredictable in his choices, Allen's recent appearances showcase chameleon-like abilities and vary between the role of a Catholic Priest in the inspirational sports drama, "My All American" to a vicious plantation overseer in the blockbuster hit "Django Unchained". With the pending launch of his independent media and production company, Virtuosity, Allen has plans to film a number of exciting film and television projects in the next five years. Under the Virtuosity umbrella, among many others, is the gritty, film-noir styled Western, "The Deserters", the romantic thrill ride, "Suicide Grip" and "The Empty Quarter", a timely and cautionary tale set on a drilling installation in Saudi Arabia's most barren desert. Virtuosity Television is developing several 1-hour drama series' as well as long-form mini-series projects and alternative programming. After time away from the screen while building and attending to the various aspects of funding Virtuosity, Allen is set to shoot three films in the coming months, plans to go back to work immediately and looks forward to resuming his acting career. First up, he is set to travel to Italy and Spain to shoot an Italian-produced and directed spaghetti western in the same locales where Sergio Leone once filmed his epic productions. Previously Allen completed a starring role in the independent feature, Frontera (2010), playing a tough, driven Texas Ranger who brings down a drug cartel. He also has an extensive list of films and television appearances on his resume with appearances, among others, in the NBC/Bruckheimer series Chase (2010) and a recurring role on Friday Night Lights (2006). Other career highlights include multiple films with writer/director Lawrence Kasdan, and an early career role of famed fighter ace 'Chuck Yeager'. Allen maintains residences in Los Angeles and his hometown of Austin, Texas. Flight crews on Southwest Airlines love him.


Movie Name Release Date
The Postman December 25, 1997